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Whole Norwegian Salmon

Whole Norwegian Salmon

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Specifications: One order is one whole salmon (6-7 kg). The Salmon will come gutted but otherwise unprocessed.

Origin: Norway

Storage method: refrigerated at 0-4°C, frozen at -18°C or below

Shelf life: Eat within two days, then freeze

Preparation: This product can be consumed raw or cooked.


Norway is one of the largest seafood export countries in the world. The icy, pristine seawater combined with the strict local aquaculture practices result in salmon grown in pollution-free Norwegian waters having rich flavors, tender texture, and fresh meat quality that receives the highest praise around the globe.

Norwegian straight-from-source sashimi-grade salmon comes in whole fillets weighing approximately 6-7 kg each. In addition to being enjoyed as sashimi, the salmon head, bones, collar, fins, and tail can be prepared in various forms through different cooking methods.

Salmon contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which can help prevent heart disease and regulate high cholesterol and blood pressure. It provides tremendous health benefits to the human body.

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