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Japanese Soy Sauce Cured Salmon Roe

Japanese Soy Sauce Cured Salmon Roe

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Specifications: 500g

Origin: Japan

Storage method: Freeze at -18°C or below

Shelf life: 2 years, please consume as soon as possible after thawing

How to eat: Eat immediately after thawing

We source premium Hokkaido salmon roe directly from Japan for the freshest delivery. Its translucent eggs burst with sweetness. A light soy sauce seasoning balances the roe's creaminess with salty-rich umami. Simply thaw and enjoy on its own or over rice.

As nature's superfood, salmon roe excels in nutrition. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, it supports brain and bone health. Trout roe especially surpasses others with its concentrated flavors and delicate texture. 

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